New Players

Follow below instructions to setup the ChocobotRO on your computer.


  • Windows 7 or later (with admin capabilities)


  1. Download client:

  2. Extract to desired location

  3. Run OpenSetup.exe inside extracted folder to customise your game settings

  4. Run ChocobotROPatcher.exe as an administrator to start game



Help! My antivirus says the patcher is a Trojan/Virus!

Unfortunately, I am unable to afford a Code Signing Certificate (costs $300-500USD/year) to code sign the patcher.

The patcher performs the following steps to operate:

  1. Connects with to show notice.html

  2. Parses the main.ini file from server to determine what to do next

  3. Checks the CRC32 hash of the current patcher and client to determine if it needs updating

  4. If so, grabs it from the data/client.thor and data/patcher.thor files as needed and extracts it to location where patcher runs

  5. Then checks chocobotro.dat to see what patches have/have not been applied

  6. Patcher downloads and extracts files into places as specified by each .thor file or merges it into the chocobotro.grf file if needed

  7. Done. Will start ChocobotRO.exe when "Start Game" button is pressed using same permissions as what patcher was started with.

    Administrator privileges may be needed to run the patcher because ChocobotRO.exe requires it to run.

This is the best I can do to share understanding with how the patcher works. If I had a Code Signing Certificate antiviruses would ignore the behaviour of the program and treat it as safe.

Without the patcher, the game may run but there will likely be many more bugs and incorrect content.

To play the game with the latest patches, you'd have to tell your antivirus to treat the patcher as safe.


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